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抗老保養品挑選關鍵你知道了嗎?皮膚科醫師解密Top 10熱門抗老成份
















by 吳英俊醫師








30歲以後皺紋變明顯、雙頰緊緻度不再,除了勤擦抗老保養品、精華液,不少人也將目光紛紛轉向醫美療程 ​......



All-in-one solution to acnes, pimples, and widened pores! Specialist's take on the cause and the right way to cure pimples

by Dr.Ying-Chin Wu


Acnes and pimples are perhaps the most troubling skincare problems to people of all ages and genders! ......



Are you using mandelic acid correctly? What is superior about DR.WU's mandelic acid? A dermatologist's take on the proper use

by Dr.Ying-Chin Wu


Summer is the peak season for acnes and pimples, and while many consumers like using mandelic acid  ......



There is more to sun protection than SPF and PA alone Spectrum, duration, and reparability are the three critical factors

by Dr.Pei-Chi Lin

Consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of sun protection in recent years, but despite ......



How does "Thermage & Ultherapy" combat aging? Total anti-aging with peptide complex and high potency plant-based ingredient

by Dr.Yi-Ming Huang


People nowadays live such an irregular lifestyle due to long work hours and stress that ......



Signs of skin aging such as fine lines and drooping contours can be effectively combated with the right peptides

by Dr.Ying-Chin Wu


Prior to combating aging, you have to determine your skin aging level to facilitate the selection of precise ......



This “skin savior” ampoule is the secret to perfectly firm, wrinkle-free, and plump skin 

by instructor Ren Wei


We face numerous challenges and are exposed to stressful, hectic environments in our lives. Under these ......



Tame your skin and achieve perfect skin conditions during season transitions by adding one drop of elixir

 by Dr.Chien-Wen Chen


Do you always experience worsening skin issues such as dryness and scaliness when seasons change? Is your ......



Why is my skin always “super dry” after applying so many hydrating products? Taiwan’s most beautiful doctor reveals how you can achieve an all-inclusive skincare regimen 

by Dr.Yan-Wen Wang,


Hydration is the skincare issue that female patients most frequently inquire about, which is a clear indicator ......



With all sorts of hydrating ingredients, which one is right for you? Choose the right ingredient to achieve the optimal hydration result! 

by instructor Pei Qi


Hydration is the basic step of skincare routine; it keeps skin beautiful and healthy. However, with all sorts of  ......



Dermatologist’s tips for sun protection Choose sunscreen like a PRO

by Dr.Chia-Chi Hsu


Ultraviolet level is off the charts during hot summer days. How to enforce proper sun protection ......



Are you a victim of these moisturizing myth? Dermatologist explains the key to “moisturizing”?

by Dr.Ying-Chin Wu


Many people know that the key of perfect skin is all about moisturizing. There are all kinds of moisturizing ......



5-minute crash course to sun protection standards

by Dr.Ying-Chin Wu


UV rays are everywhere, and considering how UVB gives you sunburn and how UVA causes skin to age, it is essential to ......



Acid Skincare is on Trend! Let the dermatologist give you a guide!?

by Dr.Yu-Chang Chan 


Acne wouldn’t go away; large pores are on display and dead skin cells are piling up, causing dullness and pimples.



Popular skincare ingredients you ought to know!
Choose the right elements for the perfect skin!

by instructor Kai Jun


It is everyone's hope to maintain perfect and healthy skin, but environmental changes combined with aging put our skin at risk ......



Are you hydrating properly?

by Dr.Ying-Chin Wu


Hydration is the most important step in skincare, and the crucial foundation to healthy and beautiful skin. If you ask a dermatologist ......



Revolutionary whitening formulas rely on this key element

by instructor Dan Feng


Anti-oxidation is the key to whitening. Our cells and DNA are exposed to over 10,000 oxidation attacks on a daily basis. The term “oxidation attack”  ......



Bust the Skin Whitening Myth!
Dermatologist teaches you how to choose proper whitening products.

by Dr.Pei-Chi Lin


As a skin whitening maniac, have you ever done the same as I have? To achieve a fair skin tone, I would use an UV umbrella, apply sunscreen



Is it really safe and effective to seek for instant whitening result? Let the professional dermatologist tell you!?

by Dr. Ying-Chin Wu


The early perception is that fair skin can disguise all kinds of imperfection appearance ......


Is a product more effective with more whitening active ingredient?

by instructor Pey Shiuan Wu


Last summer, it was approaching 40 degrees high temperature. Under the strong ......



Moisturization and moisture retention quench the thirst of the skin

by Dr.Chia-Chi Hsu


People are placing more and more emphasis on skin care and there is an increasing variety of products available ......



The sun protection knowledge you must know

by instructor Pey Shiuan Wu


Summer is on the way; strong ultraviolet is coming along. The shorter the ultraviolet wavelength ......



Dr. Wu’s top guide for reliving dry and sensitive skin and 6 skincare tips for winter

by Dr.Ying-Chin Wu


Out of the four seasons in a year, winter is the time when skin problems are the most common. In addition to ......



3 key steps to healthy skin!
Cleaning, moisturizing and sunscreen. Each step is indispensable!

by Dr. Ying-Chin Wu


It is always troubling when skin is unstable, showing all kinds of problems like dryness, dullness, fine lines and acne ......



The secret advise from Dr. Wu: Oil skincare tips! The easy regime to youthful and hydrating skin!

by Dr. Ying-Chin Wu


There are hundreds of skincare products on the market. Everyone chooses different products according to ......