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Basic Skin Care

Q: What are the best ways to apply toners?
A: Toners represent the first step of skin care after facial cleansing. It reinforces facial cleansing, moisturizes and hydrates the skin, and balances the pH value. It also facilitates the absorption of follow-up skincare products. Essence toners can be applied as follows: 
1. Wet a cotton pad with toner and gently wipe your face to remove dead skin cells and inhibit lipid secretion.
2. Gently pat your face to facilitate penetration of skincare products and ensure ample hydration through the warmth of your hands.
3. Stick cotton pads wetted with toner to your face to facilitate moisture replenishment and reinforce moisture-locking effects.


Q: Is it enough to apply only lotion?
A: No. The main function of your lotion is to lock in the moisture. It is highly recommended to combine it with essence toner and serums to ensure adequate moisture replenishment. The lotion will seal off the serum to ensure skin health and suppleness.

Q: Why does the skin appear flaky after application of the product ?
A: Flakiness may be generated for the following reasons:
1. Polysaccharide ingredients (e.g., Hyaluronic Acid, algae extracts) tend to cause flakiness through friction.
2. Skin conditions such as extreme dehydration, dander, and thick layers of dead skin cells that make the skin appear coarse
3. Improper application sequence (e.g. application of hydrating creams or serums directly followed by sunscreen or make-up foundation)
All these factors can result in flakiness.


Q: Is it necessary to follow up masks with other skincare products?
A: We recommend that users follow their daily skincare routine after applying the mask.
The proper sequence is as follows: Facial cleansing→Essence toner→Mask→Serum→Lotion/Cream
The mask may be applied before or after the toner in accordance with individual preferences and usage habits. However, it is recommended to use a light toner (Toners with a high viscosity negatively affect the absorption of the serum in the mask).  


Q: How can I select a mask suitable for me ? Is it necessary to apply it daily?
A: It is recommended to apply it 2~3 times a week in accordance with your individual usage habits.
DR.WU capsule mask series contains different vitamins, precious plant extracts, and super nutrients. These ingredients target various skin issues such as dryness, dehydration, dullness, spottiness, sensitivity, and fragility. The exclusive microinject cotton technology and the perfect fit to the facial contours ensures that abundant amounts of serum are injected in every level, which gives the skin a healthy and flawless appearance. 


Q:Is it recommended to wash the face again after applying the mask?
A:For normal skin it is recommended to massage the face until the serum is fully absorbed after removing the mask. For sensitive and fragile skin, it is recommended to rinse the face with clear water before following your regular skincare routine so as not to place an excessive burden on the skin. 


Q: How much serum should I use?
A: Dr. WU serums are high-efficacy, highly concentrated skincare products with excellent ductility. It is recommended to press all the way down to dispense a suitable amount every time the serum is applied. Dispensed amounts can be adjusted in accordance with individual usage habits. A simple massage technique facilitates absorption of the serum.

Q: Does simultaneous use of different Dr. WU serums cause a burden on the skin?
A: No. Dr. WU develops products for different skin issues and user demands. Ingredients of different concentrations are effectively absorbed and don’t cause a burden on the skin.

Q:Can I achieve better effects by applying a mask after the serum?
A: Use of a serum prior to application of the mask results in decreased absorption of the serum in the mask by the skin. It is therefore recommended to apply the mask after the toner and before the serum. This facilitates absorption of skincare products and penetration of the stratum basale. 


Q: Is it necessary to remove make-up before applying sunscreen or DD cream?
A: Yes. Make-up removal and through cleansing are strongly recommended prior to application of sunscreen, face primer, or DD cream. Environmental pollution, dust, and other external factors have a harmful impact on the skin. Make-up removal and thorough cleansing are therefore key prerequisites of perfect skin. 


Q: Is it recommended to apply whitening products and exfoliants after Mandelic Acid-based products?
A: The main functions of Mandelic Acid can be summarized as follows: it boosts the metabolism of dead skin cells, accelerates skin renewal, and effectively penetrates the pores to clear black- and whiteheads. It also fades dark spots and brightens the skin tone. Whitening and tightening effects can be reinforced if it is combined with whitening products. Under no circumstances should Mandelic Acid and other exfoliating products be applied on the same day.