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Science of  Skincare
Development Concept

DR.WU's R&D team comprises experts from fields such as dermatology, pharmacology, and bioscience, who work together to address different characteristics and needs of the skin. DR.WU cooperates with reputable laboratories around the world to acquire advanced technologies, and currently sources top-quality materials as well as more than 100 international patented active ingredients from Japan, The Netherlands, Germany, USA, Switzerland, France, Italy, and Spain. DR.WU's products are made entirely "free of questionable contents, free of alcohol, using top-tier ingredients, and with proven performance" by ISO-certified Taiwanese cosmetics manufacturers. All products have been clinically tested to be low allergens, stable, and non-acnegenic, working in conjunction to solve all types of skin problems.

International Expert

R&D Director of a century-old biotech company in Germany
Dr.Valerie Andre

Hyalufix, patented in Germany, works deep within the skin to awaken the skin's moisture retention properties, and therefore improves firmness, tightness, and texture.

R&D Director of major squalane producer in France
Olivier Guillon

The world's best quality plant-based squalane is made from olives harvested from century-old ECOCERT farms in Southern France. Only 1 gram of squalane is produced from 720 grams of olive. Using "Ultra Micro Cold Press Technology," a unique 25-step process, we are able to refine and purify the oils to create a lighter and purer solution that can be quickly absorbed by the skin.

Innovative Technology

Microinject Delivery System

DR.WU's proprietary micro delivery system draws inspiration from "aquaporin," a Nobel Prize-winning theory, and is used to direct moisture for more effective hydration effect. By releasing different active ingredients at different layers of the skin, this system helps ensure that nutrients are delivered precisely where they are supposed to be.

Capsulation Technology

DR.WU adopts a patented smart identifying encapsulation technology that is superior to submicron encapsulation commonly used in the industry. This new technology combines a hydrophilic and a lipophilic casing to properly encapsulate active ingredients. When a submicron capsule penetrates, the skin's lipase is activated to break down the lipophilic casing, thereby allowing the encapsulated active ingredients to release and work its magic.

Hyalucomplex Technology

DR.WU's exclusive patented "Hyalu-Complex"* was developed in collaboration with world's top laboratories and manufacturers. It was the industry's first attempt at incorporating patented ingredients from three different countries, including Sodium Hyaluronate and Hyalo-Oligo from Japan, Hyalufix GL from Germany, and Optim-Hyal from France. These ingredients are key to awakening the skin's hydration properties, and work deeply to achieve lasting moisture retention for 24 hours.

Multi-interlaced Refraction

DR.WU's industry-leading reflective protection technology uses a carefully selected range of protective ingredients and applies a unique stretching process to create a tight and highly protective net over the skin surface that blocks irritations, contaminations, and harm from the external environment.

Double Dispersion

The product uses a unique technology in which titanium dioxide particles are segregated by barriers into a hive-like structure. This not only ensures even distribution of titanium dioxide particles and stability of protection at high SPF, but also lessens white residues caused by over-concentration of titanium dioxide.