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DR.WU unveils the secret of his pioneering, extreme ageversal DUO WAVE Tightening Technology

As the Lunar New Year approaches, a large number of people feel a strong desire to reverse ......


Next-Gen! High-Strength 1.5% Tri-Retinoid

The Perfect Complex of Retinal, Retinol & Retinyl Palmitate Fixing Top 5 Skin-Aging Problems

Retinol is currently the beauty buzzword in cosmetic ingredients. According to Google Trends, searches for retinol tripled in 2022......



DR.WU #WaterBandage with boosted water-burst rooting for an all-out Kaohsiung Aquas 

Hyalucmplx Ultimate Hydrating Serum pouring in the ultimate hydrating support

DR.WU is all for professional basketball! First time launching cross-sector support for a professional basketball team......



Ultra-lightweight Oil Serum Upgrades Five Key Capacities with 1 Drop

Fifty years of experience practicing dermatology and studying over 200 thousand clinical cases, Dr. Ying-Chin Wu is a dermatologist renowned in Asia......



World's first product featuring France and Japan patented collagen peptides by DR.WU

People nowadays not only live a very stressful life, but also stare at screens for extended periods of time and eat out more often than they used to......



雙 11 聰明購! DR.WU 年度唯㇐全館買 1 送 1 



DR.WU Duo Marine Collagen Peptides Powder won Harper’s Bazaar Anti-aging Awards

When it comes to maintaining youth and beauty of the skin, what you supplement from the inside is just as important as what you do on the outside.....






DR.WU collaborates with The Garden of Hope Foundation in charity

Ever since the launch of the charity program - WU CARE, DR.WU the No. 1 clinical skincare brand in Taiwan has been cooperating with The Garden of Hope Foundation......



Ultra-lightweight Oil Serum Locks in 3 common moisture leaks with the new #Hydro Face Wrap

Cleansing, hydration, and sun protection are the three critical steps of skincare advocated by all dermatologists, but despite having known the importance......



DR.WU – Winner of the 2022 SHOPLINE Brand Awards:

Outstanding eCommerce Brand Award

Standing out from more than 200 merchants participating in the 2022 SHOPLINE Brand Awards, DR.WU won the Outstanding eCommerce Brand Award! 



Ultra-lightweight Oil Serum Introducing DR.WU’s Hyalucomplex Intensive Hydrating classics!

This summer, every corner of the earth has been swept by fever with frequent headlines about heat waves and wildfires in Europe, the Americas and Africa. The hotter the weather......









NO.1 mandelic acid renewal solution  
Overcome 8 common skin problems; restore clean and supple look in 7 days*

Asian women generally prefer the kind of smoothened skin look produced by camera filters, which makes widened pore, acne, pimple, acne scar, uneven tone......


World's first product featuring France and Japan patented collagen peptides by DR.WU

People nowadays not only live a very stressful life, but also stare at screens for extended periods of time and eat out more often than they used to. The accumulation of fatigue and malnutrition combined with year-long heat in Taiwan cause the skin to 


DR.WU creates hydration products and unveils 3 proprietary prescriptions

For people who spend every waking moment in an air-conditioned room or wear face masks for extended period of time in a public environment......


DR.WU launches two mild cleansing solutions featuring Hyalucomplex

While most people embrace and enjoy life in summer time, they expose themselves to high heat that quickly degrades the skin condition, resulting in dryness, itchiness......


DR.WU Charity - WU CARE! Hands with Love

Dry hands, cracked skin, and face mask imprints are just some of the ......


Perfect Cover Hydrating DD Cream Launches

Putting on the perfect makeup in short amount of  ......


Exclusive at Watsons for the first time - DR.WU Total Beauty Bundle

Almost every girl had once snuck into mother's room and went through ......


Ultra refreshing! Consistent sun protection for 8 hours

As we are likely to encounter perhaps one of the driest summers in history ......


Cosmed exclusive! DR.WU's Hyalucomplex classics available in high capacity

After over-indulgence of binge-watching shows, binge-eating food, and ......


Put on a new face for 2021! DR.WU introduces two new year-limited sets 

s we welcome a new year, DR.WU the No. 1 clinical skincare brand is introducing  ......


 WU CARE Begins Introducing the First Hyalucomplex Hand Cream 

DR.WU, the No.1 clinical skincare brand, advocates "research and  ......


Beware of the summer heat wave and risks of face mask to the skin!

We live in an unusual time where people put up with the stuffiness  ......


DR.WU the No. 1 clinical skincare brand enters Japan!

After establishing overseas presence in 9 countries, DR.WU expanded  ......


Introducing DR.WU's new limited-edition Christmas gift box!

Winter is coming, and so is the joyful spirit of Christmas! In this coming December ......


New Intensive Hydrating Essence Toner with Hyaluronic Acid (Light)

Dr. Ying-Chin Wu, has spent over 40 years developing a formula for healthy skin ......