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Skin Hydration Formula by DR.WU

Dermatologist warns of new dehydration crisis!

DR.WU creates hydration products and unveils 3 proprietary prescriptions

Introducing Antarcticine 1% Nunatak 0.5%, the new anti-wrinkle smoothing solution

For people who spend every waking moment in an air-conditioned room or wear face masks for extended period of time in a public environment, unstable temperatures during the transition from autumn to winter tend to make the skin sensitive to external irritations such as radiation, cold, and pollutants. This is especially prevalent among people with dry skin, as the lack of moisture makes them prone to itch, flaking, redness, dry wrinkles, and a whole bunch of "new dehydration symptoms"! Dr. Ying-Chun Wu, reputable dermatologist in Asia, said: "Change of temperature and irritation from environmental factors are two major culprits behind flaking, redness, and dry wrinkles in people with dry skin! To rid the new dehydration symptoms for good, we must place greater emphasis on hydration, and take both of the following actions at the same time: 1. Activate our skin's hydration cycle; and 2. Target specific skin conditions with potent solutions."  

DR.WU, Taiwan's NO.1 clinical skincare brand, has introduced a comprehensive collection of hydration solutions featuring the proprietary "Hyalucomplex" formula* that combines patented and specialist-approved hyaluronic acids (HAs) from Japan, Germany, and France. The formula has been proven effective at stimulating HA generation and breakdown of old HA within the skin, and activating the skin's hydration cycle for up to 24 hours**! To address the three new dehydration symptoms, DR.WU has come up with three hydration prescriptions by combining the Hyalucomplex formula with pharmaceutical grade solutions from the dermLab collection! This includes the launch of Antarcticine 1% Nunatak 0.5%, a new product incorporating hydration factors sourced from two extreme environments that instantaneously hydrate the skin, remove dry wrinkles, and strengthen the skin's defenses against autumn/winter dryness, cold, UV ray, and visible light.  

Antarcticine 1% Nunatak 0.5%, two rare hydration factors sourced from extreme environments

Remove dry wrinkles and promote skin resistance against weather changes and radiation damage

DR.WU's dermLab collection consists of pharmaceutical grade solutions made from high potency, high purity, and highly concentrated ingredients that aim to address specific skin problems. This year, a new Antarcticine 1% Nunatak 0.5% solution has been added to the collection; featuring antarcticine from Antarctica and dwarf soapwort from the Alps, the two hydrating ingredients sourced from world's extreme environments provide the skin with an instant boost of hydration while at the same time stimulate collagen formation, thereby increasing firmness, removing dry wrinkles, and strengthening the protective barrier to make the skin more resilient against cold, dryness, UV ray, visible light, and other irritations. Together, they slow down the rate of aging and help keep the skin smooth and plump for extended period of time. 

Prescription #1 – Hydration for anti-wrinkle: multiplied plumpness with HA and collagen

Our skin's ability to generate collagen declines with age, and low temperature in winter times puts the skin in a deeper state of dehydration, making it vulnerable to dry wrinkles! DR.WU's anti-wrinkle hydrating prescription uses the patented Hyalucomplex to stimulate HA generation and activate hydration cycle within the body, and follows up with Antarcticine 1% Nunatak 0.5% to promote collagen formation, which in turn smoothes dry wrinkles and strengthens the skin's defenses against external irritations! By stimulating HA and collagen generation at the same time, the skin stays plumper longer.  

Prescription #2 – Hydration for irritation relief: restores the perfect glow while relieving redness and itch

   Dehydration not only causes roughness, but also makes the skin sensitive to external irritation and redness. DR.WU's relief hydrating prescription takes advantage of the Hyalucomplex and supports it with the highly recommended 10% Niacinamide + 1% Panthenol solution to quickly replenish and lock in moisture. This prescription also leverages spring sea water sourced from Brittany, France, and ocaline extracted from pumpkin seeds to quickly relieve skin irritations, and uses DR.WU's proprietary micro-infiltration technology to form a protective film over the skin surface, so that the skin may have a chance to restore perfection from the redness and itch caused by irritation. 

Prescription #3 – Hydration for repair: Repairs the protective barrier to reproduce the perfect skin

Damage to the skin barrier not only causes persistent loss of moisture, the skin may even itch and flake to the point that it rejects makeup! DR.WU's repair hydrating prescription combines the 2% BIONANOCERAMIDE+15% NMF to achieve the desired result, because the Japan-made small molecular ceramide delivers two times the penetration to quickly nourish the basal layer and restructure the stratum corneum. The addition of natural moisturizing factor (NMF) in high concentration further improves hydration at the surface of the skin! Together, they help repair the skin's barrier and stop flaking to restore smoothness back to the skin.  

DR.WU's dermLab collecion

Antarcticine 1% Nunatak 0.5%  15ml / NT.1000

[New] [Hydration and anti-wrinkle]

Featuring two rare ingredients sourced from extreme environments, the solution hydrates and repairs the skin, and protects it from environmental damage for total improvement of dryness, roughness, and wrinkles. While antarcticine provides total skin protection, increases plumpness, and prevents dryness, nunatak strengthens the skin's resilience and defense, which builds the foundation for tighter and smoother skin. The solution has a refreshing texture that is easy to absorb and does not cause stuffiness or stickiness. Product is made entirely without alcohol, artificial fragrance, coloring and paraben, making it suitable for the irritable skin. Add one bottle to the daily routine to improve skin conditions such as roughness, unevenness, and loss of elasticity.

Bionanoceramide 2% NMF 15% 15ml / NT.900

[Deep nourishment and strengthened barrier]

Using Japan-made ceramide, the solution achieves two times the penetration and works deep into the skin's basal layer to replenish intercellular lipids, and the addition of NMF and natural plant-based synthetic glycogen provides hydration to the deep layer. The product also incorporates DR.WU's proprietary hydration network technology that locks in active ingredients to strengthen the skin's hydration barrier from within. Add one bottle to the daily routine for toal correction of dryness and flaking.

Niacinamide 10% Panthenol 1% 15ml / NT.900

[Hydrates and relieves dry itch]

Panthenol (vitamin B5) provides quick hydration to the skin, whereas niacinamide reduces loss of moisture at the skin surface to increase skin moisture. The solution uses the proprietary micro-infiltration technology that forms a protective barrier over the skin surface to help resist external irritations, which works especially well at night. The solution has a refreshing texture that penetrates quickly, is easy to absorb, and does not cause stuffiness, stickiness, or acne. Product is made entirely without alcohol, artificial fragrance, coloring and paraben, making it suitable for sensitive skin. Add one bottle to the daily routine for total relief of dry itch and discomforts. 

DR.WU Hyalucomplex Hydrataing System

Intensive Hydrating Serum With Hyaluronic Acid   15ml NT.850 /30 ml NT.1,600

[Instant and long-lasting hydration]

Boasting the proprietary formula - "Hyalucomplex" that combines macromolecular hyaluronic acid and patented small molecule hyaluronic acid from Japan for instant hydration, and German patented hyaluronic acid activator (Hyalufix GL) and French patented hyaluronic acid stimulant (OptimHyal) for unlocking the keys to healthy skin, the solution keeps skin hydrated for extended period of time and restores plumpness, suppleness, and glow to the skin. The addition of CERAMELA and active yeast extract helps repair and smoothen skin, bringing back its usual glow.