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Eye Skin Care

Q: How can I prevent the formation of dark circles under the eyes?

A: The formation of dark circles is caused by blood stasis and melanin deposits. Vascular dark circles can be relieved through hot packs or massages, which stimulate the blood circulation.

Swellings in the eye area can be relieved through cold packs. We also recommend applying Glutalight Whitening Eye Serum which contains Haloxyl, a skin-lightening biopeptide and Biophytex LS9832, a plant-based capillary protectant. This serum rapidly improves dullness, firms the skin around the eyes, and ensures an even skin tone.


Q: How can I target fine lines in the area around the eyes through my skincare routine?

A: We blink our eyes over 20,000 times each day. The skin around the eyes, which is only 0.33 mm thick, is therefore most prone to fine lines caused by dehydration and dryness.

In addition, poor blood circulation and excessive use of the eyes tends to cause aging. Eye skin care can be improved through eye creams that contain multi-peptides, Liftessence, and Calmdeage. We also recommend use of Ageversal Advanced Repairing Eye Cream, which has a light-smooth texture and features an exclusive multi-peptide anti-wrinkle formula which acts in concert with various natural, patent-protected ingredients. It quickly penetrates the stratum basale and represents an all-in-one solution for skin issues in the eye area. Excessive use of the eyes and staying up late must be avoided and sufficient sleep and rest must be ensured to keep the skin in the eye area firm and bright.


Q: What’s the best solution for puffiness around the eyes?

A: Avoid salty foods and excessive water intake before bedtime.  Ageversal Advanced Repairing Eye Cream can be added to the daily skincare routine to firm the skin around the eyes, improve dullness and wrinkles, and restore firm and youthful skin in this area.


Q: How can I treat granules around the eyes?

A: There are two different types of granules: syringoma, which are caused by the physical constitution, and milia, which can be caused by oily eye creams or use of too much force when applying skincare products, which can cause tiny injuries to the skin or pore clogging. Granules can only be removed through medical treatment. We recommend seeing a dermatologist if granules appear in the eye area.

Eye cream should be applied gently by tapping to avoid injuring the skin and thereby causing the formation of granules.


Q: Can incomplete removal of eye make-up cause dark circles?

A: Make-up pigment particles are large-sized and therefore do not deposit inside the skin. However, repeated use of inferior make-up products and excessive rubbing during make-up application and removal can cause chronic inflammation of the skin and melanin deposits. It is therefore recommended to select a skincare product designed specifically for the eyes such as Ageversal Advanced Repairing Eye Cream which contains various natural oils that bring a soothing and silky feel to areas around the eye.


Q: Can DR. WU Intensive Renewal Serum with Mandelic Acid be used to target fat granules around the eyes?

A: The skin around the eyes is only one third as thick as the skin elsewhere on the face. We recommend use of a skincare product designed specifically for the eyes. DR. WU Intensive Renewal Serum with Mandelic Acid is not suitable for the eye area. Since it is often difficult to determine why fat granules, milia, and syringoma are formed, we suggest consulting a licensed dermatologist first.