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by instructor Ren Wei

This “skin savior” ampoule is the secret to perfectly firm, wrinkle-free, and plump skin 

We face numerous challenges and are exposed to stressful, hectic environments in our lives. Under these circumstances, dullness, coarseness, accelerated skin aging, and wrinkle formation are very common phenomena, and the skin loses its youthful luster and firmness. In this age of harsh beauty standards, we are forced to present ourselves in the best light possible every day no matter how tired or busy we are. In view of the upcoming year-end banquets, Christmas parties, and visits by friends over the new year holidays, it is extremely important to ensure that the skin is perfectly firm, elastic, and delicate by turning on the “Skin Turbocharger”, an ampoule-based intensive skincare routine with ultra-rapid results. In the following paragraphs, I will share tips and techniques for the use of ampoules and advice on how to choose the right product from the large variety of ampoules available on the market. 

Q: What is an ampoule and what sets it apart from serums and essences?

Ampoules contain numerous effective, active ingredients. Their level of activity and concentration tends to be significantly higher than that of generic serums. They should be used up immediately after opening. They are mainly used for emergency skin care or intensive repair and resemble a highly concentrated serum. The main function of a serum is to replenish skin energy which can be further broken down into different needs such as hydration, whitening, and anti-aging. It can be applied daily if necessary to ensure perfectly healthy skin. Essence products, on the other hand, which have been all the rage recently only contain one single effective ingredient. Formulas which tend to be simple usually only target single skin issues. Perfect examples include hyaluronic acid-based hydrating essences and Ceramide essences widely available on the market.

Q: What is the best time to apply ampoules?

Daily skincare regimen

Timing: In the week after the end of menstruation or once every three months/monthly/daily
Application method: It is recommended to apply the product seven days consecutively each month or one month consecutively every three months for intensive skin care. The goal is to enable women to flaunt their flawless gorgeous skin every day even during the most painful week when they feel most insecure.  

Emergency skin care

Timing: Before year-end parties and weddings and important occasions
Application method: It is recommended to apply one ampoule every evening three days before the event. One drop of DR.WU Intensive Repairing Serum with Squalane added to the makeup foundation gives the skin a more delicate and lustrous appearance in addition to firming the skin in the facial area. Perfect beauty is the best confidence booster for important occasions.  

Q: How should skincare products with different textures be applied?

Before and after moisturization and before lotions is the rule of thumb for ampoule application. Don’t be confused by the product names of toners, serums, essences lotions. Products with watery, liquid textures should be applied by patting before ampoules/serums/essences are used. These products usually mark the first stage of the skincare routine. The goal is to ensure deep penetration of effective ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin. Products with milky or creamy textures which mark the last step are applied to lock up nutrients and moisture in the skin. This clearly defined sequence helps avoid confusion. 


Q:How to select the ideal ampoule for the year-end parties?

You may be overwhelmed by the sheer diversity of ampoules available on the market! I recommend selection of skincare products with peptide components to accentuate facial contours and achieve firming and lifting effects. It should also be ensured that concentrations are sufficient to guarantee immediate results. For instance, Dr. WU’s Ageversal Multi-Peptides Anti-Aging Ampoule contains 10 different types of ultra- potent peptides at high concentrations of 10% (incl. dipeptides for the fading of lines and wrinkles, tripeptides (4 different types), tetrapeptides for anti-wrinkle effects and skin elasticizing and firming, penta- and hexapeptides for plumpness and revival of deeper layers to give the skin a tender and supple look, octapeptides for effective smoothing of fine lines and restoration of skin elasticity and firmness). This ampoule has a highly concentrated, serum-like texture which rapidly penetrates the skin and is refreshing without causing any feeling of stickiness. This intensive, high-efficacy skincare routine carried out at home will surely turn you into the highlight of every party!   


Q:Do I have to use up the whole ampoule after opening? What are the most effective massage techniques? 
It is recommended to use up ampoules that contain highly effective, active peptides within one day after opening. The product should not be applied too sparingly to ensure optimal results. After spreading half of the contents evenly over the face, the remainder should be applied to areas affected by crow’s feet, forehead lines, and fine lines (eye contours) for reinforced effects. During the skincare routine, the optimal technique consists of outward and upward massage motions or use of a massage roller. This technique ensures firmed facial lines, rapid reduction of edema, and accentuated contours. 


Massage techniques to achieve optimal firming and a V-shaped face

Step1: Pressing motions from the head of the brows along the arch to the tail with the fingertips.

Step2: Pressing motions from the brow tail to the outer corner of the eyes and from the outer corner to the inner corner

Step3: Place the palms on the cheeks and massage in a lifting motion toward the temples

Step4: Press the lymph nodes with your thumbs to boost metabolism

Step5: Warm the acupoints behind your ears by covering them with your palms to achieve optimal anti-wrinkle and soothing effects  

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