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by Dr. Ying-Chin Wu

3 key steps to healthy skin!
Cleaning, moisturizing and sunscreen. Each step is indispensable!

It is always troubling when skin is unstable, showing all kinds of problems like dryness, dullness, fine lines and acne. If you are a beginner at skin care, Dr. Wu suggests 3 key steps to healthy skin: cleaning, moisturizing, sunscreen! Just master these 3 tips to have healthy skin that everyone longs for. 

Before learning about basic skin care routines, you can test out what your skin type is, and based on different skin type, choosing appropriate skincare products and methods! 

How to test: After face cleaning at night, DO NOT APPLY ANY PRODUCT and observe skin condition next morning. 

T zone is neither oily nor dry, cheek is soft as freshly washed. It is “Normal skin”

Next morning, the whole face is oily. It is “Oily skin”

T zone and cheeks doesn’t show much oil and maybe is tightened. It is “Dry skin”

T zone and cheeks are oily. It is “Combination skin”

After figure out your skin type, now let’s learn about 3 key steps to healthy skin and what other skin care details to pay attention to!

1. Cleaning- Balance skin’s PH and nourish healthy skin

As air pollution gets worse, people with sensitive skin has increased recently. Many people often mistaken that the tightening feeling of their skin after washing their face is the right sign of cleansing. However, it actually indicates there is sebum damage and PH imbalance and will further causes more skin problems; in general, the PH of healthy sebum membrane is between 4.5 ~ 6.5, which is just slightly acidic; that’s why many products on the market features PH 5.5 to maintain the balance of the skin. In addition to consider PH level as a reference in choosing cleansing products, when choosing makeup remover, look for approved surfactants and ingredients, such as amino acids derived from oats, or mild, hypoallergenic formula such as squalene plant extract, vitamin B3, and witch hazel. Also, choose products that do not contain preservatives Paraben, soap, stimulating fragrance, to keep skin’s PH balanced. After cleaning, it doesn’t take away too much oil, maintain high moisture content of the skin, and skin doesn’t feel dry or tightening.

2. Moisturizing- Hydration is the key to glowing skin

No matter what’s your skin type, you need moisturizing. Proper moisturizing ensures normal metabolism of stratum corneum lipids, which means less fine lines, acne and pimple and a refined bright skin. Especially for people who work long hours in an air-conditioned office, without sufficient moisturizing, skin is more likely to turn dry and rough, or even makeup could be patchy and uneven.

The most common moisturizing ingredients on the market are, for example, hyaluronic acid, Ceramela, Ceramide, Urea, etc... They can effectively hydrate skin, and once stratum corneum is perfectly binding with water, the skin texture would be neatly arranged and look refined and bright! In daily skincare routine, you can choose different product textures according to the requirement of your skin type. For oily skin or acne-prone skin, after toner and serum, you can choose a light lotion or gel-based product to lock in moisture in the skin. For dry, normal or mature skin during winter season, choose cream-based product to strengthen skin hydration.

3. Sunscreen- Reapplying sunscreen continually is the key to avoid tanning

Ultraviolet is more dangerous than we think! The wavelength of ultraviolet is divided into UVA (around 320nm~400nm) and UVB (around 290~320nm) and is refracted to the ground from the clouds. Overexposed to the sun makes the skin red, tan, and more likely to produce melanin precipitation, spots, fine lines, and loss of elasticity, etc. To fight UVA and UVB, you can apply sunscreen equal to the amount of a coin size every day before going out. Sweating and summer go hand-in-hand, you should reapply sunscreen more often and physically shielding from the sun, for example, using an umbrella, wearing a hat. If your makeup product contains SPF, its protection is still limited, and sweat could wash it away, so, reapplying sunscreen is still required in order to achieve perfect protection! If you work in office all day, you can also choose tinted sunscreen product to help reduce sallow and dull skin appearance and get ready to go in just a few minutes!

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