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by instructor Dan Feng

Revolutionary whitening formulas rely on this key element 

Anti-oxidation is the key to whitening. Our cells and DNA are exposed to over 10,000 oxidation attacks on a daily basis. The term “oxidation attack” refers to free radicals generated in the human body through peroxidation. These free radicals result in skin aging issues including dark spots, melanin deposits, dullness, and uneven skin tones. All these issues are associated with peroxidation which occurs every moment in the human body. Free radicals are constantly generated bot only due to daily stress, environmental toxins, and UV rays but also in our sleep and while we are breathing. This should be no cause for distress since life always finds a way. Antioxidant enzymes are formed autonomously in the human body. However, our natural defense mechanisms fail to provide sufficient protection against oxidation in the face of ever-changing environmental toxins present in our modern lives. The answer is glutathione, which is the most powerful antioxidant agent in our human body. 

With whitening injections concept, provide the human body with antioxidant enzymes for optimized whitening results

Glutathione (GSH) is the pivotal antioxidant in our bodies. Its presence enables Vitamin C and E and alpha lipoic acid to maximize their antioxidant effects. GSH is also a powerful antidote that assists the human body in the discharge of excessive hazard factors. GSH consists of short-chain proteins and has a molecular weight roughly equivalent to tripeptides. It is easily absorbed by the body and can be generated autonomously by human cells. GSH concentrations in the human liver are particularly high, which is conducive to detoxification and the metabolic cycle. GSH synthesis from our ingested food represents the main source of GSH intake, such as cabbage, garlic, and cauliflower in the cruciferous vegetables group. In recent years, there are whitening tablets available on the market. However, such oral dosage tablets have limited efficacy due to the fact that the GSH contained in them is damaged by gastric acid.   

As a matter of fact, GSH has excellent inhibitory effects on melanin formation. GSH is capable of inhibiting the progressive blackening of pheomelanin and the formation of eumelanin clusters and dark spots in the process ranging from the exposure of the skin to UV rays and irritation by free radicals to the sending of warning signals, inflammatory reactions, and the secretion of melanosome. The main ingredient of skin whitening injections which are all the rage among female socialites is therefore GSH, which has a significant brightening and whitening effect. A famous Japanese pharmaceutical company has recently unveiled a revolutionary patented process technology which solves the problem of unstable hydrolysis properties of GSH. Flawless fair skin and thorough whitening can be achieved through enhanced antioxidant effects and suppression of melanin formation which relies on the addition of effective whitening components.  

Ultimate, all-in-one whitening formula relies on highly effective antioxidant and whitening components to achieve flawless fair skin

Traditional methods of adding GSH to skincare products tend to result in oxidation or degradation. Such products therefore have very limited cell antioxidant and whitening effects when they are applied to the skin. The DR.WU Glutalight Intensive Whitening Collection utilizes patented GSH produced with a brand-new Japanese process technology, which results in reduced hydrolysis and more stable effects. The formula for this collection consists of the abovementioned patented GSH, which is infused with the effective whitening component Ascorbic acid 2-glucoside (AA2G), an approved ingredient of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. These skincare products effectively target the initial path of melanin formation and therefore effectively combat melanin generation in a stable and safe manner. Other ingredients include Hyalo-Oligo which gives the skin a natural suppleness and luster as well as HerbEx Silybum Extract and Vitamin B3, B5, and B6, which rapidly and effectively soothe skin irritation and have been added according to the instructions of Dr. WU. The ultimate goal is to enable every consumer to fulfill his/her desire for perfectly fair skin without blemishes in a safe and effective fashion.