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Signs of skin aging such as fine lines and drooping contours can be effectively combated with the right peptides



Aging can be divided into three levels! What level are you at?

Prior to combating aging, you have to determine your skin aging level to facilitate the selection of precise skincare therapies:

Initial stage of aging:

  • The face has lost its natural radiance and luster on days following all-nighters
  • The skin tends to feel dry and coarse, which cannot be alleviated through the application of toner
  • Air pollution and environmental impacts tend to result in fragile skin barriers and sensitive skin

25 is a watershed age since it marks the beginning of a slowing down metabolism. Despite the fact that the signs of aging are insignificant, skin conditions are gradually worsening. Key indicators include tightness, loss of radiance, and an imperfect skin barrier. In addition to sufficient moisturization and hydration, skincare essential oils must be added as the last step of the skincare routine to firmly lock in the moisture inside the skin, strengthen the skin barrier functions, repair the stratum corneum, soothe skin dryness, and achieve optimal hydration and moisturization effects.   

Intermediate stage of aging:

  • Crow’s feet and forehead lines show up mercilessly during loud laughter
  • The cheeks no longer appear delicate and smooth and moisturizing skincare products are required to relieve dryness.
  • The force of gravity results in sagging, aged pores. 

Aging of the dermis fiber structure is the main factor causing wrinkle formation. As collagen amounts gradually decrease, elastic fibers lose their elasticity. After age 35, expression lines tend to emerge and facial contours lose their elasticity since muscles are overloaded, which ultimately results in the well-known skin issues such as dynamic crow’s feet, smile lines, frown lines, and forehead lines which are constantly in flux. Skin care paired with massage techniques strengthens anti-wrinkle effects and firms the facial contours. Plump, supple, and delicate skin can be achieved through an intensive home skincare regimen with ultra-rapid results by adding highly concentrated ampoules with peptide components over seven consecutive days prior to major festivals or in a specific month.

Advanced stage of aging:

  • Fine lines are firmly etched into the skin even without smiling or laughing
  • The cheek and eye areas appear sunken and lost elasticity cannot be regained through replenishment of collagen
  • Dark spots emerge on the face after long-term exposure to excessive sunlight.

Starting from age 40, the skin is in a static and relaxed state. Fine lines and wrinkles which cannot be reversed can be categorized as Level 3 static wrinkles. Age and sun spots appear in the facial area.  In addition to seeking cosmetic treatment with rapid results, daily skincare regimens are crucial at this stage. Anti-aging serums and essential creams can be combined with peptide-based ampoules to reinforce the skincare routine. Intensive application of ampoules for one month in a season paired with Microinject Hydrating Masks ensures perfect hydration of the skin. Excellent sun protection coupled with application of spot-fading essences thoroughly removes the traces of aging.

Eradication of fine lines, firming of contours, and restoration of plumpness and elasticity!

This is how you can regain youthful skin and eliminate the warning signs of aging.
There is no need to panic even if you are in the advanced stage of aging. Let’s start with a discussion of anti-aging ingredients that can serve as secret weapons in the fight against the marks of aging.

Vitamin A and its derivatives: Vitamin A and its derivatives is among the most widely known anti-aging ingredients currently available on the market. It has antioxidant capabilities and resistance against free radicals. It boosts renewal, regulates keratin metabolism, and improves the skin texture. Vitamin A-based skincare products mostly contain derivatives such as retinol and retinyl palmitate. However, these derivatives are more likely to cause skin sensitivity than other ingredients and should therefore be used with caution.

Peptides: They are composed of short chains of amino acids which are the building blocks of fibrous proteins in the skin and key nutrients required by the skin to fend off aging. Peptides have powerful effects in the fields of wrinkle smoothing, contour firming, and increase of skin elasticity, in particular. Dipeptides, tripeptides, and tetrapeptides are most commonly found in skincare product formulas. The prefixes indicate how many amino acids the peptide is composed of. Different types and numbers of amino acids can be combined in a myriad different ways.

Coenzyme Q10: This is a coenzyme that stimulates cell activity and is found in epidermis cells. As we age, the amount of Q10 gradually decreases due to the impact of external stimuli. Q10 is conducive to collagen formation and makes the skin appear more lustrous and elastic. 

Despite the fact that Vitamin A and its derivatives are widely applied in anti-aging products, it is prone to oxidation and must therefore be stored with caution. In addition, these ingredients also tend to cause sensitive reactions and irritation of the skin. In contrast, peptides components have milder properties. They significantly improve various skin issues such as fine lines and give the skin a firm, delicate, and tender look. It has turned into one of the ingredients of choice for top-grade anti-aging skincare products in recent years. Each peptide has its own unique effects. For instance, the main functions of dipeptides are anti-glycation, relief of chronic, asymptomatic inflammation, and effective fading of lines and wrinkles. Tri- and tetrapeptides strengthen skin endurance through anti-inflammatory effects. They are capable of combating wrinkles and creating elastic and firm skin. Penta- and hexapeptides stimulate collagen formation, soothe expression lines, revive and plump the deeper skin layers, and give the skin a tender and supple appearance. Octa- and nonapeptides smooth fine lines in a highly effective manner and bring back elasticity and firmness.
Higher peptide numbers don’t necessarily produce better effects. The lower the number the easier can the peptides penetrate the skin to generate the desired effects. Formulas with different polypeptides result in different effects in deeper and outer skin layers. For instance, dipeptides, tripeptides, tetrapeptides, pentapeptides, and hexapeptides are capable of synthesizing collagen and elastin with effects concentrated in the fibroblasts. Heptapeptide and nonapeptides which have a bigger molecule size achieve perfect effects in the epidermis by combating free radicals. A formula composed of different types of peptides is therefore the best choice. When multiple peptides are linked, protein is synthesized. Protein is usually characterized by a high molecular weight and is therefore not easily absorbed by the skin. A clear understanding of these principles is the key prerequisite for effective and worry-free use of selected skincare products. 

Dr. WU recommends the following three indicators for selection of the best and most effective peptide products from a dazzling product variety

Ingredients from renowned international manufacturers

As mentioned above, even a simple tetrapeptide has numerous possible combinations. It is therefore highly recommended to select ingredients from renowned international manufacturers or trustworthy skincare brands. Strict quality controls and high stability ensure worry-free use. For optimal anti-aging effects including elimination of fine lines and restoration of skin radiance, elasticity, and firmness, a skincare product composed of multiple peptides should be selected.

Sufficient concentration
Why do many peptide-based products have no noticeable effects? The key lies in the concentration of added ingredients. Ampoules contain highly concentrated active ingredients, which ensures optimal results within a very short time. Since these ingredients are highly active, it is recommended to use up the whole ampoule immediately after opening to guarantee the best effects.

Freshness of ingredients

Due to the fact that peptides are composed of amino acids, they tend to degrade or lose their efficacy if not preserved properly. Numerous peptide products are therefore sold as ampoules to completely preserve ingredient activity. Upon unsealing of the ampoule, it must be used up within the shortest time possible.   These products are therefore ideal for emergency skin care and rapid improvement of skin issues such as dryness, coarseness, sagginess, fine lines, and dullness. The storage temperature is of paramount importance to ensure the freshness of ingredients. Freezing is not recommended since it tends to result in the crystallization of water molecules. Defrosting causes the breakdown of proteins and breakage of peptide bonds. Refrigeration or storage at room temperature is therefore suggested.   

Although anti-aging skincare products and aesthetic medicine therapies deliver rapid results, inner care has a significant impact on skin conditions. For instance, smoking can cause smoking lines (formation of wrinkles around the lips and on the forehead). In addition to adequate exercise, a sufficient intake of antioxidant foods such as vegetables from the five color groups, garlic, grains, tomatoes, blueberries, and fruit can help prevent skin aging. Attention should also be paid to protein absorption and balance in all dimensions. This is the only way to effectively block the signs of aging from the inside out and rediscover the fountain of youth!