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by Dr. Ying-Chin Wu

The secret advise from Dr. Wu: Oil skincare tips! The easy regime to youthful and hydrating skin!

Common enemy of skin - time

There are hundreds of skincare products on the market. Everyone chooses different products according to their own skin problems, but our skin has a common enemy; it is time! The skin begins aging from 25-year-old, besides external factors: ultraviolet, air pollution, stress, diet, lifestyle, etc, the most important physiological factors are slow metabolism, loss of collagen, and decreased moisture content of the skin; these are the tough issues to deal with. Moreover, followed by horrible traces of time, such as fine lines, dullness, dryness, sensitivity, spots, sagging, etc., forcing us to face this cruel fact. So, the correct and uninterrupted skincare routine is absolutely the most powerful weapon against aging!

Oil skincare is not a myth, use wisely to win back youthful skin

Most people actually are aware of skin aging topics, but there is no denying that there are many people who actually take action and those who just don't care. Usually, they only start paying attention when they almost turn the age of 30 and realize the skin are showing signs of problems. It is late, but it doesn’t mean that there is no chance to salvage the situation. In fact, it is not difficult to resist aging. In addition to the basic procedures of cleaning, using sun protection effectively, removing dead skin cells, and boosting moisturizing, many people are not aware of "repairing" is also important and the most easily overlooked step.

In the advanced repairing skincare, you can use highly-concentrated ampoules to provide the nutrients the skin needs, improving defense ability, and deeply healing skin issues. The topic in every Autumn and Winter season is the star- oil-based skincare products. It is definitely not an urban legend. Why do we need oil to care for our skin? Mainly because that the dermis of mature skin gradually degenerates, reducing skin moisture content that leads to fine lines and dryness. Oil skincare products can penetrate skin layers quickly, and repair sebum, forming a protective barrier to prevent water loss, moisturizing and recovering the balance of oil and water. It can also play a role as mediator. Applying oil skincare product after toner and serum, its excellent skin-friendly property helps active ingredients penetrating immediately and allow the skin to absorb quickly.

How to choose oil skincare products? "Squalane plant extract" is the most effective one!

When it comes to oil skincare products, there are quite a few choices, each of which has their own unique effects. There is no definitive answer to which one the best is, but "squalane" is the most effective choice! The plant-based "squalane" is derived by hydrogenation of "squalene", which oxidize easily in contact of air and is rarely used in skincare products. However, since human sebum also contains “squalene”, that’s why using this type of oil is the most direct and effective for the skin, and it also helps to prevent skin oxidation and UV damage. In addition, many people with oily skin feel that they need to fight excess oil production, why put more oil on the face? In fact, squalane is relatively light, and brings minimal burden to the skin. But, of course, when there is abnormal production of sebum and acne is inflamed, it’s recommended to cut down the use of such products. To cure the issue of abnormal production of sebum, an oil skincare product is required to achieve the balance of oil and water. It is not horrible to fight against skin aging; the problem is not knowing how to take of the skin. Choose a skincare product that is suitable and safe and use them wisely and properly; it is easy to be a goddess of youth!

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