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Dermlab Solutions


A special glycoprotein found in the sediments of thousand-year-old glaciers in Antarctica that offers extraordinary dryness protection along with excellent water retention properties. When used in skincare, the glycoprotein absorbs external moisture and replenishes moisture to the skin, thereby keeping the skin hydrated, smooth, and supple for up to 24 hours. This rare ingredient not only protects the skin from damage in extreme cold, but also has the ability to increase collagen and elastin in the skin, and stimulate skin growth from within to promote healing of wounds. 


The product uses Japan-made liposome to encapsulate ceramide, as the smaller molecular size enables easier absorption by the skin and achieves 2 times the penetration compared to ordinary ceramides to quickly hydrate deep skin layers.


Contains high concentration of Cicarelief, a compound comprising 4 potent cica extracts that boost the skin's resistance against oxidation and promote growth of fibroblast to support formation of collagen I, collagen III, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. By promoting anti-oxidation in damaged skin, Cicarelief speeds up wound recovery while at the same time improves skin elasticity, relieves discomfort, and lessens redness for total repair.


A small amino acid discovered within micro organisms living in saline lakes in the desert area of Wadi El Natrun, Egypt, in 1985. The substance has demonstrated the ability to protect the skin against UV ray, support autoimmunity, promote cell repair, inhibit free radicals, slow down aging, prevent dryness, and protect the skin from pollutants in the environment. This multi-layer protection reduces the formation of wrinkles and minimizes damage from sun exposure.


High potency EGF derived from plant sources works at the outer most layer of the skin to promote production of hyaluronic acid and stimulate skin renewal, which ultimately improves elasticity, unevenness, roughness, wrinkles, and suppleness of the skin.


The use of Spanish organic licorice extract developed in accordance with Provital Group's CSR policy minimizes impact on the environment, and represents the organization's goal to manage local resources in a sustainable and responsible manner.


Niacinamide (vitamin B3) in high purity form offers a multitude of benefits including: fast relief of skin discomfort caused by dryness, inhibition of inflamed cells, anti-inflammation, sensitivity relief, increased moisture retention of the skin, improved glow, and reduction of wrinkles from aging.


MC-BNC, a natural moisturizing factor, contains 11 amino acids that are lacking in adults. In addition to repairing the skin's barriers, MC-BNC also helps the skin attain the level of smoothness and plumpness similar to babies.


Extract of dwarf soapwort, a rare plant that survived the last Ice Age in the Alps, is harvested using unique stem cell technology and packaged inside liposomes. The solution takes advantage of the plant's natural defense against UV ray and visible light developed from prolonged exposure to extreme cold and radiation, and has the ability to stimulate protection and proliferation of cells for benefits such as improved plumpness, tightening, strengthened defense, and anti-aging.


Vitamin B5 can quickly replenish moisture to improve elasticity of the skin, and regulate renewal of the stratum corneum to repair skin damage, giving it a more supple texture.


Extracted from the embryo of non-GMO soybean, the substance provides protein and essential nutrients that are needed to grow new skin cells at the stratum corneum. By stimulating growth at the stratum corneum and increasing fibroblast activity, it promotes cell renewal and therefore brings youth and energy back into fatigued, damaged, and fragile skin.


High potency resveratrol is encapsulated in micro capsules using advanced technology to not only protect the ingredient against oxidation and yellowing that may irritate the skin, but also increase penetration rate and effect of resveratrol. It effectively reduces melanin synthesis and reactive oxygen species and eliminates free radicals to achieve spots reduction, whitening, and anti-aging effects.