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by Dr.Yi-Ming Huang

How does "Thermage & Ultherapy" combat aging? Total anti-aging with peptide complex and high potency plant-based ingredient

People nowadays live such an irregular lifestyle due to long work hours and stress that, when combined with exposure to pollutions, causes skin to age at a faster rate. It is not uncommon to see people exhibit signs of aging such as wrinkles, loose skin, loss of elasticity, dryness, roughness, and widened pores after the age of 25. As people age, the rate of cell regeneration and metabolism slows down while collagen growth declines in a linear fashion. On average, collagen growth decreases by 10% for every additional year we live. This is why "Thermage&Ultherapy," a cosmetic treatment with proven results, is quickly gaining popularity! So how exactly does Thermage&Ultherapy work to tighten, lift and restore facial contour?

Dr. Yi-Ming Huang, reputable expert in Thermage&Ultherapy treatment, explains the secret behind the anti-aging effect of Thermage & Ultherapy

Dr. Yi-Ming Huang, certified Ulthera trainer at renowned hospitals including National Taiwan University Hospital and Taipei Medical University Hospital with extensive experience in "Thermage&Ultherapy," said that the reason why Thermage&Ultherapy works well against aging is that it combines "Thermage" and “Ultherapy” into one single treatment. The "Thermage&Ultherapy" works by using radiofrequency (RF) and ultrasound for skin lifting at the same time. Although both methods deliver tightening effect, the science behind them is different, which makes them suitable for different parts of the skin. "Thermage" uses high-frequency radio waves to heat the epidermis and dermis in large patches to 55-60 degrees, and the heating process stimulates collagen reorganization and growth, which in turn strengthens and lifts skin tissues. "Ultherapy" has the ability to penetrate skin and converge energy precisely to one point, thereby spot-heating the subcutaneous tissue or even at the depth of the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS)! High temperature of 65-70 degrees causes collagen to shrink and thereby stimulate growth, whereas surrounding skin tissues are pulled towards the shrinkage to create a lifting and tightening effect. Based on clinical experience, Thermage&Ultherapy lifts skin by an average of 0.5cm, and makes the patient appear 3-5 years younger. Thermage FLX, a cosmetic treatment that recently gained popularity, is essentially a "Thermage"; the only difference is that the technology would test the skin's electrical resistance before each blast for added safety. Aside from that, it works in the same way as Thermage at shallow and medium depths of the skin and could not penetrate into the SMAS, therefore delivers inferior results compare to "Thermage&Ultherapy," which works at all depths of the skin.

Essential for anti-aging! Total skin lift combined with the use of peptide complex and high potency plant-based ingredient for the double effect

Thermage&Ultherapy combines Thermage and Ultherapy treatments to stimulate collagen growth at all depths of the skin for wrinkle removal, plumpness, tightening, lifting, and the ultimate anti-aging effect! To effectively combat aging, it is essential to apply treatments at shallow, medium, and extreme depths of the skin. Peptide is currently the most commonly used anti-aging ingredient for shallow and medium depths because of its high stability, resistance to oxidation, and less likelihood of causing irritation. Peptides are mainly made of amino acids, and different amino acids can be combined to form different peptides. The most common forms of peptide include tripeptide, tetrapeptide, and pentapeptide, and the prefix indicates how many amino acids a peptide is made up of. Each peptide serves a different purpose and penetrates different layers of the skin. Just to name a few: tripeptide enhances the collagen fiber structure and helps collagen grow; tetrapeptide suppresses aging hormones and mitigates inflammation; pentapeptide activates collagen and fibroblast at the dermis and subsequently removes wrinkles and corrects rough skin; whereas hexapeptide regulates neurotransmitters and hormones to lessen wrinkles caused by muscle contraction. Since each peptide is usually effective at addressing one sign of aging, it takes a complex of different peptides to achieve the best results. 

Because most peptides work only at shallow and medium depths, many anti-aging and skincare brands are using meristems extracted from plants to provide nourishment at more extreme depths of the skin. Undifferentiated cells in the meristem of a plant carry regenerative properties and differentiation potentials that enable them to divide and regenerate, which makes them highly potent as a repairing agent! By extracting the growth factor and active ingredients, humans are able to take advantage of plants' reparative and regenerative properties.  


However, although meristem exists in all plants, they differ in terms of attributes and characteristics, and the active ingredients extracted do not work the same. This is why premium anti-aging brands in the market prefer to extract meristem from resilient plants that are able to survive in harsh climates and environments for their regenerative properties. PhytoCellTec™ nunatak®, gentiana venusta, and sweet iris are some of the common ingredients used in creams that cost tens of thousands of dollars, and similar to the science behind Thermage&Ultherapy, these products work at all depths of the skin to deliver tightened and younger look! As far as anti-aging is concerned, both peptide complex and high potency plant-based ingredient are essential elements of an all-round solution, as the former works at shallow and medium depths while the latter works at the extreme depth of the skin, and neither could deliver results on their own.

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