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DR.WU Reputable Dermatologist’s Retinol Revitalizing Formula

Next-Gen! High-Strength 1.5% Tri-Retinoid

The Perfect Complex of Retinal, Retinol & Retinyl Palmitate Fixing Top 5 Skin-Aging Problems


Retinol is currently the beauty buzzword in cosmetic ingredients. According to Google Trends, searches for retinol tripled in 2022, evidently showing that consumer interest and demand have rapidly grown. Yet, apart from its efficacy being widely debated across major beauty forums, retinol’s side effects such as causing sensitization and flaky skin have also been the focal point of discussion. It is even agreed by many that it’s normal to experience negative side effects when using retinol. Is suffering from irritation a price you have to pay for the efficacy of retinol skincare? No.1 clinical skincare brand DR.WU dropped a bomb on the cosmetic retinol market at the start of the new year, blowing everyone away with its major launch of a next-gen retinol: Tri-Retinoid Intensive Revitalizing Serum 1.5%. This next-generation Tri-retinoid is a perfect complex of retinal, retinol and retinyl palmitate, delivering faster results than traditional single retinol solutions while being safer and milder to use. The 1.5% high concentration refines pores, smooths fine lines and reduces wrinkles, plumps and lifts skin, brightens skin tone and improves roughness, fixing top 5 skin-aging problems all at once. The Tri-Retinoid Serum revitalizes skin’s renewal capacity, building from the deepest layer a more supple and youthful skin.

Dermatologist-proven potent anti-aging ingredients

Tri-Retinoid: the perfect complex of retinal, retinol & retinyl palmitate

Asian reputable dermatologist and Clinical Professor in the Department of Dermatology in National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH), Dr. Ying-Chin Wu explained, “Vitamin A1, also called retinol, along with retinal, retinyl palmitate and retinoic acid are members of the Vitamin A family. When absorbed by the body, they are converted into effective forms corresponding to needs. Retinoic acid is the ingredient effective to the skin in the Vitamin A family, and it is the only ingredient approved by the FDA for the treatment of photoaging. Long-term use of retinoic acid delivers 4 main effects including: 1. Stimulating skin renewal to increase skin thickness. It is especially suitable for the diminishing of enlarged pores caused by age-related sagging. 2. Preventing aging and reducing wrinkles. Retinoic acid firms skin and boosts elasticity whilst improving roughness and smoothing wrinkles. 3. Brightening skin tone. It inhibits melanin formation so that the skin can be illuminating. 4. Preventing breakouts and alleviating redness caused by capillary regeneration.


However, since retinoic acid causes stronger irritation, it is classified as a prescription medicine rather than an over-the-counter cosmetic skincare product. Thus, the less irritating retinal, retinol and retinyl palmitate are applied to skincare products instead. They are converted into retinoic acid after being absorbed by the skin. Among the three ingredients, retinal can be directly converted into retinoic acid, and thus, is the most effective but most irritating and least stable; the currently popular retinol needs to be converted into retinal before it can be transformed into retinoic acid. It doesn’t deliver results as immediately as retinal, but is less irritating and more stable; retinyl palmitate is the least irritating and most stable among the three. Yet, due to a 3-step conversion, it takes longer for retinyl palmitate to show results, and it is much milder in comparison.

Most potent synergistic formula reversing aging & easing irritation

Enhancing highly-efficacious and enduring anti-aging effects while being mild and non-irritating

Aimed at overcoming Vitamin A family’s properties of being irritating and unstable while increasing its potency, DR.WU Tri-Retinoid Intensive Revitalizing Serum 1.5% boasts a perfect complex calculated with precision by the scientific research and development of professionals. The next-gen Tri-Retinoid, exclusively composed of 1.5% high concentration of retinal, retinol and retinyl palmitate, delivers highly efficacious and enduring anti-aging effects. By alleviating retinol burn, redness, skin peeling, dryness and other side effects, the Serum strikes an impeccable balance between the rejuvenation of aging skin and the risk of experiencing irritation. Apart from the anti-aging hero ingredient, the next-gen Tri-Retinoid, DR.WU Tri-Retinoid Intensive Revitalizing Serum 1.5% is complemented with a synergistic formula: 1. The addition of Hexapeptide and Q10 boosts anti-aging capacity, reinforces defense to firm and lift the skin for a more youthful look. 2. Niacinamide (B3) and soothing plant extracts such as Phytosterols, Rhamnose, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate are combined to ease skin sensitization and irritations. 3. The incorporation of hyaluronic acid and Provitamin B5 hydrates skin, improves roughness and fortifies the skin barrier at the same time.   


To create better experience and product stability, DR.WU Tri-Retinoid Intensive Revitalizing Serum 1.5% incorporates non-genetically modified ingredients with a low carbon footprint from German and Swiss manufacturers. By adopting the Microemulsion Technology, a multi-layered carrier mainly made of sunflower seeds wraps around the Tri-Retinoid. Keeping a light and non-greasy texture, the technology also raises the penetration of active ingredients, allowing Tri-Retinoid to reach the bottom layer of the skin to unleash its anti-aging prowess. Since Vitamin A is fat-soluble, to prevent lipids in the formula from forming into big droplets affecting absorption, DR.WU Tri-Retinoid Intensive Revitalizing Serum 1.5% adopts the Oil Droplet Distribution Technique to stabilize the formula and create a more refined texture. To maintain the freshness of Tri-Retinoid, a Korean double-walled, vacuum insulated container is selected for the packaging. Insulated against air and light, Tri-Retinoid’s effectiveness and stability are flawlessly sealed in the container. Furthermore, DR.WU Tri-Retinoid Serum is color additive-free and fragrance-free. The yellowish cream-like texture and a slight grassy scent are all properties derived from the ingredients themselves.

Choose the most suitable frequency of use based on skin tolerance

A two to three-week skin acclimation is recommended for novices

Depending on your retinol tolerance, add the DR.WU Tri-Retinoid Intensive Revitalizing Serum 1.5% into different steps of your skincare routine. For first-time users of retinol products, use it as a serum, and apply it after toner and before lotion/ cream; for those who have built a tolerance, apply it directly before toner to achieve strong rejuvenation and anti-aging effects; for those with extremely sensitive skin, apply the Serum after lotion/ cream as the last step of your routine to deliver a mild revitalizing result. Adopting the skincare +1 method by adding the Tri-Retinoid Serum to other serums or lotions/ creams can enhance other products’ anti-aging efficacy. Dr. Ying-Chin Wu also specifically recommends pairing the Tri-Retinoid with DR.WU Squalanex Intensive Repairing Oil Serum or DR.WU Squalanex Intensive Rosehip Revitalizing Oil Serum. By leveraging the repairing effects of French premium plant-derived squalane and multiple nourishing botanical oils, you can feel the irritation caused by retinol diminished while your skin is nourished and moisturized.


When using retinol and retinoid products, novices of skin revitalization are advised to choose a frequency based on the degree of skin tolerance. Start with once every three days for sensitive skin, and once every other day for oily skin and mature skin. Switch to daily use at nighttime when skin has acclimated after two to three weeks. Retinol is photosensitive and easily activates photochemical reactions after absorbing UV rays. Thus, it is recommended that you use retinol at nighttime and reinforce the protection of newly generated skin against the sun during day time.

DR.WU Tri-Retinoid Serum & Recommended Pairings

Tri-Retinoid vs Mandelic Acid & Salicylic Acid


Main Efficacy: Accelerates cell turnover, refines pores, improves wrinkles, smooths skin texture

When to Use: To improve aging-induced problems such as enlarged pores, wrinkles, dull skin, loss of elasticity, etc 

Penetration Depth: Deep

Affinity with Skin: ★★★

Irritation: ★★

Mandelic Acid

Main Efficacy: Promotes the metabolism of the stratum corneum, improves acne,  pimples and enlarged pores

When to Use: To improve breakouts caused by the disorder of metabolism or excessive secretion of lipids

Penetration Depth: Shallow

Affinity with Skin: ★★★

Irritation: ★

Salicylic Acid

Main Efficacy: Promotes the metabolism of the stratum corneum, deeply purifies pores, improves acne and pimples

When to Use: To improve breakouts caused by the disorder of metabolism or excessive secretion of lipids

Penetration Depth: Middle

Affinity with Skin: ★★★

Irritation: ★★