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Instant Water-Burst
24hr* Endless moisture

Replenish ‧ Revitalizing ‧ Skin Plumping
Strengthen skin barrier and protect skin from external stimulations
The bestselling Hyalucomplex hydrating system is ugraded with brand new collection


Due to Covid-19 pandemic, wearing mask is necessary everyday. Instead of putting on makeup, most people let skin stay bare much more often. However, how to make sure skin stays plumped, supple and brightened without experiencing dryness, roughness and dullness after long period of time underneath mask? Hydration is the key! Dr. Ying-Chin Wu, the authoritative dermatologist in Asia, has suggested that “The face underneath the mask for a significant period of time could cause extra sebum production, acne and whiteheads; because of repetitive friction from the mask, it may results in allergic reaction, itchy and scaling skin. Comprehensive cleaning in daily skincare routine is a must, but the importance of moisturization can not be overlooked. Besides ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid can replenish skin moisture rapidly, CERAMELA, Glycosyl Trehalose and Scutellaria AO are also  ingredients to boost skin barrier protect from external aggressors and increase skin’s defence mechanisms! For sensitive skin, it is recommended to use the moisturizer that has simple ingredients and is free from fragrance and alcohol to avoid stimulation.“ 
The NO.1 dermatology skincare brand in TAIWAN, DR.WU Hyalucomplex hydrating system, applies the exclusive "HYALUCOMPLEX”** technology, combining large molecular hyaluronic acid from Japan and patented small molecule hyaluronic acid to lock-in moisture from the outside and replenish from the inside, drastically increasing skin hydration. With the help of German patented hyaluronic acid activator (Hyalufix GL) and French patented Hyaluronic Acid stimulant (OptimHyal), it revitalizes the skin's key moisturizing factors and penetrates deep into the skin, resulting in 24hr long-lasting hydration * and pluming, supple, radiant skin! This hydrating system is free from alcohol, fragrance, colorant and paraben, perfectly safe for sensitive skin
Instant hydration boost for 24hr long-lasting moisturization
Bestselling hydration product among dermatology skincare brands and recognized by 43 beauty awards
The reason behind DR.WU’s long standing as the top selling hydration product is not just because of the sensitive skin friendly formula which is free from alcohol, fragrance, colorant and PARABEN; but also because of its key feature of instant hydration and long-lasting moisturization . The classic hydration formula of DR.WU INTENSIVE HYDRATING SERUM WITH HYALURONIC ACID is the exclusive  "HYALUCOMPLEX”** technology. With the combination of large molecular hyaluronic acid from Japan and patented small molecule hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture from the outside and replenish from the inside, it drastically increases skin hydration. With the help of German patented hyaluronic acid activator (Hyalufix GL) and French patented Hyaluronic Acid stimulant (OptimHyal), it revitalizes the skin's key moisturizing factors and penetrates deep into the skin. In addition to its patent certified hydration power, the source of Hyaluronic Acid also underwent a strict examination to ensure high purity and quality, firmly standing by the brand’s R&D philosophy “effective” and “hypoallergenic””  Along with CERAMELA and Active Yeast Extract, it dramatically repairs skin berrier, increases defense ability comprehensively and restores the skin back to delicate texture, leaving smooth and radiant complexion.
Back in 1992, the authoritative dermatologist in Asia, Dr. Ying-Chin Wu, was the first to introduce Hyaluronic Acid as the key ingredient for induction treatment; it was widely used among the clinics to brinig out the best result for enhancing  skin condition. Since the launch of the very first DR.WU INTENSIVE HYDRATING SERUM WITH HYALURONIC ACID in 2003, it has created the Hyaluronic Acid trend in skincare industry. It was given the nickname“The serum of bursting hydration”by the online community. And this classic product remains the best seller for almost 20 years, takes over millions of consumers, celebrities and beauty editors, wins the top spot of each major skincare ranking, and gaines recognition from 43 beauty awards. It became the top one star product of the brand and has been the No.1 best seller in dermatology skincare channels for consecutive years. 
In addition to the INTENSIVE HYDRATING SERUM WITH HYALURONIC ACID, the Intensive Hydrating Essence Toner with Hyaluronic Acid which has been sold out million pieces since its launch is also iconic. With 100% consumer satisfaction, the innovative serum-like texture toner can release moisture instantly for skin. It is light and non-sticky to speed up absorption of products in the following skincare regiment, drenching skin with 24hr* endless moisture. Another hero product is DR.WU Ultimate Hydrating Mask ,created by the innovative Microinject Mask Technology and made from the top-grade 1% premium cotton seeds. Its light and satin-like texture tightly fit the face curve. One mask is equivalent to delivering 1.5 bottles of hydrating serum to the skin and helps skin replenish hydration instantly, relieving the dryness, scaling and itching from the skin caused by face mask; keeping skin hydrated all day long!
The exclusive hydration tips
Kang-ren Wu explains: Instant hydration makes sure skin stays plumped, delicate and radiant all day! 
Kang-ren Wu, DR. WU’s 2020 brand ambassodor, has been busy in shooting his new film. It’s his first time trying a role of a considerate nice guy; a drastic change from his previous film as the skinny and tanned character, and now his skin is bright, smooth and plumped! As a guy that rarely cared about skincare in the past, he reveals the secret is simply using  DR.WU Intensive Hydrating Essence Toner and Serum With Hyaluronic Acid, and on top of that, applying DR.WU Ultimate Hydrating Mask right before shooting for a quick pick-me-up. He was amazed by the product’s instant hydration power! The products are very effective and help relieve his allergic skin caused by the stress on the film set, so he can still show up in the camera with plumped, delicate and glowing skin. “Based on decades of clinical experience , this product developed by DR.WU really speaks volume! No matter it is the best selling hydration product .” says Kang-ren Wu.