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High-efficacy, high-purity, and high-concentration pharmaceutical grade solution! 
DR.WU introduces three new concentrates to the dermLab collection
The ultimate formula aimed at solving 5 common skin problems

Climate change, air pollution, and the hectic modern lifestyle all put stress on skin health. Dehydration, flaking, sensitivity, dry itch, redness, aging, darkening, and roughness are just some of the common skin problems that many people have to put up with daily! Dr. Ying-Chun Wu, renowned dermatologist in Asia, said: "Drastic climate changes combined with pollutants and stimulants in the environment and increasing level of mental stress have caused irritating skin problems such as dehydration, flaking, sensitivity, dry itch, darkening, aging, and roughness to many people in recent years! The key to restoring skin health depends largely on the selection of products with highly effective ingredients, and choosing the right skincare approach for the given condition." 

DR.WU, the No. 1 clinical skincare brand in Taiwan, introduces a new dermLab collection featuring high efficacy, high purity, and high concentration ingredients that mimic the effect of specialists' prescriptions! Boasting pharmaceutical grade efficacy, both Bionanoceramide 2% NMF 15% and Niacinamide 10% Panthenol 1% received overwhelming praises and referrals from consumers as soon as they were launched last year. To build on top of this success, DR.WU follows up with three new products this year including Cicarelief 1% Licorice 2%, MC-resveratrol 3% Ectoin 0.5%, and EGF 1.5% Placenta 1%; all of which are highly effective at correcting skin problems and restoring glowing skin to its healthy state from the basal layer.  


High-efficacy, high-concentration, and high-purity ingredients hand-picked by the No. 1 dermatologist! 
Pharmaceutical grade efficacy at solving 5 common skin problems

Backed by more than 45 years of clinical experience and over 200,000 case studies, Dr. Ying-Chun Wu, renowned dermatologist in Asia, hand-picked several high-efficacy ingredients and combined them at the perfect ratio in high concentration and high purity to produce five solutions that mimic specialists' prescriptions. Boasting pharmaceutical grade efficacy, these five solutions are aimed to solve five common skin problems and restore skin to its healthy state. For redness caused by dryness, we recommend using the new Cicarelief 1% Licorice 2%, as cica carries exceptional repairing properties that even tigers rub the plant on their wounds to heal after a fight. Cica and licorice extracts complement each other, and at 95% purity, they provide total stimulation to the skin's repairing potentials! The solution quickly stabilizes skin condition to remove dryness and redness. For skin that appears darkened due to fatigue or aging, DR.WU introduces new MC-resveratrol 3% Ectoin 0.5% that uses micro-capsuled high-potency resveratrol to block UV stimulation at the source. The addition of Ectoin, a substance critical to the survival of microorganisms under extreme environment, slows aging and brightens the skin to restore its attractive glow. What about rough or uneven surfaces of the facial skin? For this problem, DR.WU recommends EGF 1.5% Placenta 1%, using a highly potent plant-based ingredient called EGF to restore elasticity back to the skin, which lessens wrinkles and corrects roughness and unevenness for a younger look. Meanwhile, high-potency plant-based placenta is added for total age reversal of the skin.     
In addition to the above, dryness and flaking are also two common conditions that people with sensitive skin struggle to find solutions for, and DR.WU recommends the use of Bionanoceramide 2% NMF 15%, as the Japan-made ceramide has a small molecular structure that allows it to work deep into the skin. Meanwhile, DR.WU's proprietary "hydration network" technology ensures 100% delivery of nutrients at the basal layer for total enhancement of the skin barrier. For itchiness and discomfort that are caused by dryness, we recommend using Niacinamide 10% Panthenol 1% as panthenol quickly replenishes moisture to the skin while niacinamide reduces loss of moisture at the skin surface for a total hydration effect! This solution is especially effective at restoring moisture and glow to sensitive and dehydrated skin.  


Customize and improvise by adding one solution to the skincare routine

The dermLab collection combines highly potent ingredients at high concentration and purity in such a way that can be easily incorporated into consumers' usual skincare routines. Simply add one solution on top of the skincare routine to quickly address hard-to-solve conditions and return skin to its ideal state! All products of the dermLab collection can be applied to the entire face either individually or in combination with other products depending on your skin condition for the day. Feel free to incorporate suitable products from the dermLab collection into your personal skincare routine and restore skin to its healthy state.