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Omnipotent drops!NO.1 Repairing Serum
DR.WU Intensive Repairing Serum With Squalane – Every drop reverses the five major traces of time 

Let’s glow with oil! Golden Bell Award-winning actor issues a heartwarming appeal to join hands in reaching a new pinnacle of skin beauty

The changeable fall weather has arrived! Large temperature differences between day and night and rapidly changing humidity levels pose an arduous challenge for all skin types and maturing skin in particular. If the capability of the skin to adapt to such changes declines significantly, skin aging issues such as dryness, itchiness, fine lines, and flabbiness ensue. Lipid-based skin care is indispensable for the maintenance of youthful-looking, healthy skin. Dr. Ying-Chin Wu, the prestigious Asian dermatologist, points out that “skin metabolism, moisture retention, and defensive capabilities of the skin decline with increasing age. Application of highly concentrated, skin-friendly, light, and easily absorbable serum is the key to maintaining ageless beautiful skin with youthful vitality and a perfect oil-moisture balance.” DR.WU’s INTENSIVE REPAIRING SERUM WITH SQUALANE is an industry-leading product which contains precious squalene extracted from carefully hand-picked olives cultivated on a 100-year-old plantation, grown at a constant temperature of 25 degrees. A mere 1 gram of squalane can be extracted from every 720 grams of olives. Through an exclusive process of “ultra-micromolecule cold pressing” , the squalane is refined to give it a pure and feather-light texture. After its market launch, it has dominated cosmetic product rankings for many years and is highly touted by its numerous diehard fans as an omnipotent miraculous product. In the following passages, Dr. WU publicly shares five indispensable secret techniques. Only one drop of this magical serum rapidly moisturizes and repairs the skin and thoroughly reverses skin aging, restoring its youthful, ageless appearance reminiscent of the period of first love.
Daily skin care routine+1 drop: Powerful oil-sealing and moisture-retention effects on a par with top notch creams for perfectly hydrated skin all day long
Have you noticed that the moisture retention capabilities of lotions or creams are insufficient as the season changes from fall to winter? Does your skin feel dry and itchy during these season changes? By blending lotion with one drop of DR.WU’s INTENSIVE REPAIRING SERUM WITH SQUALANE, skin’s moisture retention ability increases dramatically within an instant and the skin remains perfectly hydrated all day long through oil-sealing and moisture-locking effects while strengthening the skin barrier. This not only eliminates the feeling of dryness and itchiness during season changes but also repairs aged skin and fine lines. This technique emulates the effects of top notch creams!

Step1. Press the lotion dispenser


Step3. Blend and apply

Wet mask +1 drop:High-efficacy hydration and light-speed repair of damaged skin to restore perfect plumpness

For treatment of damaged maturing skin, pour DR.WU INTENSIVE HYDRATING ESSENCE TONER WITH HYALURONIC ACID on a cotton pad, add a drop of DR.WU INTENSIVE REPAIRING SERUM WITH SQUALANE, and apply to dry areas to strengthen moisture retention and repair effects. If powerful repair effects are needed urgently, DR.WU INTENSIVE HYDRATING ESSENCE TONER WITH HYALURONIC ACID should be applied by wiping the whole face, immediately followed by full-face application of DR.WU INTENSIVE REPAIRING SERUM WITH SQUALANE. After that, ULTIMATE HYDRATING MASK WITH HYALURONIC ACID should be applied to completely seal off the essence and allow the ultra skin-friendly INTENSIVE REPAIRING SERUM WITH SQUALANE to penetrate the deep skin layers and thereby achieve profound repair from within.



Step3. Apply mask to seal off essence

Make-up foundation+1 drop: Perfect light coverage for dazzling, butter-like skin reminiscent of a fashion model

Does your carefully applied make-up often only last half a day due to skin metabolism and aging issues? The squalene in DR.WU INTENSIVE REPAIRING SERUM is highly refined and has a feather-light texture due to the adoption of “ultra-micromolecule cold pressing” technology. If one drop is added to the daily make-up foundation, application of make-up is greatly facilitated, and long-lasting coverage can be achieved. Skin will exude a delicate, natural light and gain an enviable butter-like appearance reminiscent of a fashion model, which ensures that you are the center of attention at every event.

Step1. Squeeze the make-up foundation tube until the desired quantity is on your skin


Step3. Apply evenly

Lip softening & protection +1 drop: True lip savior! Magically eliminates lip lines and dead skin restores lip moistness, vitality, and beauty

Dry lips, lip lines, and dry dead skin make people appear overworked and fatigued! Long-term face mask use in the age of COVID-19 in particular leads to dry lips with a lot of dead skin cells. Do you wish to bring back the baby-like moistness and vitality of your lips? Apply a little DR.WU INTENSIVE REPAIRING SERUM WITH SQUALANE and massage your lips gently in circles after using lip balm to achieve profound moisturization and softening of the skin on the lips and restore their moistness and vitality.

Step1. Apply lip balm

Step2. Pour a drop of INTENSIVE REPAIRING SERUM WITH SQUALANE on your fingertip

Step3. Gently massage your lips

Perfect nails and cuticles +1 drop:Restores gloss, translucency, and delicateness of youthful skin and thoroughly moisturizes aged hands

Not only face but also hands inadvertently reveal age! Dead skin cells and hangnails around the fingernails caused by dryness makes you appear older! Apply drops of DR.WU INTENSIVE REPAIRING SERUM WITH SQUALANE to the cuticles to smoothen and moisturize them and bring back the gloss and translucency of tender hands reminiscent of the period of first love.


Step2. Massage until all of the serum is absorbed

Let’s glow with oil! Kang Ren Wu reveals his secret weapon for ultimate self-confidence through perfect, flawless skin

Kang Ren Wu, the official Dr. WU brand endorser in 2020, exudes youthful vitality and irresistible charm at all times. Even after more than ten years in the hectic and fast-paced entertainment industry, his skin has retained its plumpness and shine and shows no traces of aging or fatigue. Kang Ren Wu reveals that he always has a bottle of DR.WU INTENSIVE REPAIRING SERUM WITH SQUALANE with him during his late-night movie shoots or trips. He adds one drop of the serum to his daily skin care routine to achieve profound moisturization and repair of damaged skin, protect his lips and hands, and maintain his delicate make-up during his movie shoots. He enthusiastically recommends this omnipotent skin care formula to his crew members and flashes his sweet-guy charm when he appeals to everyone: “Let’s glow with oil!” The fourth episodes of Dr. WU’s popular science infomercial ”The Beauty Secret Between Us” titled “Let’s glow with oil!” will be screened online for the first time today, appealing to all Dr. WU fans to make an extra effort to reach a new pinnacle of skin beauty.