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Celebrity Mark Chao Makes an Appointment on WU’s Clinic Grand Opening Day

Unveiling the Secrets to Maintain Perfect Skin for the First Time:

Three-Step Cleansing Process

A-list Actor Humorously Interprets Emoticon

 WU's Clinic, curated by Taiwan's No.1 medical skin care brand DR.WU, has officially opened! DR.WU’s celebrity endorser, Mark Chao, showed up on stage and shared his secrets on how to maintain perfect skin, and his three-steps cleaning process was revealed for the first time. The three-step process ensures proper make-up removal and cleaning that allows any skincare measures you apply afterwards to become fully effective. With humorous facial expressions, Mark Chao demonstrated the 10-second complete cleaning process to express how your skin will feel at each step. Famed dermatologist Dr. Ying-Chin Wu, Clinical Professor at National Taiwan University Hospital, stated that DR.WU continues to uphold the brand's original philosophy even now after 15 years of operation. Using the simplest and most effective methods, DR.WU has created the perfect skincare regimen as an appeal to consumers to not overlook the importance of fundamental skin maintenance procedures. Proper cleansing is the first step to creating the perfect balance for natural and healthy skin.



Mark Chao's Perfect Shows up at WU’s Clinic
Share Secrets on How to Let the Skin Reset and Back to Basic


With the grand opening of WU’s Clinic, DR.WU invited famed dermatologist Dr. Ying-Chin Wu to serve as the primary attending physician. Known for having a "babyface", famous emcee Mickey Huang was also one of the first in line to see DR.WU. After his skin became flush-red due to overwhelming stress from his schedule, he consulted with DR.WU on best methods for recovery. On the other hand, Mark Chao, as the perfect success story, shared with Mickey Huang the secrets to resetting and keeping the mind and body in a clear state, by not letting stress become a burden to maintain perfect skin.

In addition, at the mild-O new product launch press conference, Mark Chao generously agreed to let Mickey Huang to examine his skin condition with a magnifying glass. He further demonstrated his interpretations of the three steps of the complete cleansing process: a tense mood during filming, a celebratory joy after filming, and a funny face of him while relaxing at home. His performance garnered praise from event attendees for his open and playful demeanors.

It has been ten years since Mark Chao first stepped into the entertainment industry. Though he is consistently lauded for his performances, he has always remained very low-profile for his private life. After wrapping up filming for each of his movies, he likes to take time to reflect on his performance and mentally prepared himself for the next role. Therefore, being able to “reset” is very important to him. Mark Chao further stated that, "As an actor, the moment I anticipate the most after filming all day is when I can rest and relax. Because of the long hours we spend wearing makeup, makeup removal and cleaning process become extremely important. Choosing a product with mild and hypoallergenic ingredients and letting go of all your burdens inside out is what lets your skin return to its purest state. This process also helps me be myself again after being in character all day."

Proper makeup removal and cleaning make your skin care regimen effectively
Mark Chao publicly revealed his three steps for removal and cleaning

Mark Chao believed that a lot of men don't really take the time to properly clean and maintain their skin. Skincare is no longer just something for women to worry about. Regardless of whether you're a man or a woman, you should take good care of your skin and keep it in a well-balanced and healthy state. If you want to keep your skin healthy, you can't skimp out on taking proper removal and cleansing measures. Mark Chao is a great example of someone who knows how to take care of his skin. He stated that he actually spends more time on make removal and cleansing than he does on maintenance. Cleaning is the most important part of taking care of the skin.

At the same time, Mark Chao also revealed the three steps for removal and cleansing, "Immediately after filming, I usually use mild-O Gentle Cleansing Milk to remove my makeup before I leave the movie set. Its smooth milky texture allows it to effectively remove heavy makeup. After getting home, I use mild-O Gentle Cleansing Milk again to perform a deep cleaning to remove any residing makeup and foundation as well as toxins from air pollution. Lastly, I use mild-O Gentle Cleansing Mousse which creates fine foamy bubbles that allow me to gently wash my face until it’s completely clean, then rinse with water." Mark Chao also emphasized that at least 30 minutes should be spent a day on makeup removal and cleaning. The Cleansing Mousse also has a light touch of geranium oil which helps to relax my mind and body.

DR.WU back to basics and creates all new "mild-O Gentle Cleansing System" to celebrate 15th anniversary

DR.WU has long been dedicated to the research and development of "highly-effective", "hypoallergenic" skin care products which use only the simplest and most effective methods to generate flawless skin. The release of this new System coincided with the 15th anniversary of the brand, and the famed dermatologist Dr. Ying-Chin Wu stated that, "DR.WU’s fifteen years of experience as skincare professionals, developing skin care products suitable for the needs of the Asian market. This year we wish to return back to basics by launching the all new mild-O Gentle Cleansing System, bringing our customers the most gentle makeup removal and cleansing experience possible. I would like to remind everyone there that skin caring begins with proper removal and cleansing. Bringing your skin back to its purest, as most original state makes the follow-up care so much more effective!"

DR. WU introduces its all new mild-O Gentle Cleansing System this year, such as its mild-O Gentle Cleansing Milk and mild-O Gentle Cleansing Mousse which will be available in stores late May, as well as its mild-O Gentle Cleansing Water and mild-O Gentle Cleansing Foam which will be available in the latter half of this year, with product prices range from NT$ 680~850. To allow customers to experience the new cleansing products recommended by endorser Mark Chao, there will be a 15% discount during launch period. In addition, DR.WU will also be releasing a NT$ 159 product sampling set. Exclusive NT$ 50 vouchers for use at Watson's on all new products will also be given out.