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by Dr.Ying-Chin Wu

Are you a victim of these moisturizing myth? Dermatologist explains the key to “moisturizing”?

Many people know that the key of perfect skin is all about moisturizing. There are all kinds of moisturizing products on the market, what are the difference? What are the hundreds of moisturizing ingredients? How to understand and choose from them? Dr. Ying-Chin Wu, who has over 40 years of clinical experience and a dermatology authority in Asia, explains.

Myth #1: Moisturizing is not for oily skin?

No matter which skin type you are, moisturizing is a must. It’s only that how and what product you use is different. For dry skin, it’s needless to say that besides toner and serum, cream-based products or essential oils are required to make sure the skin is moisturized and hydrated. For oily skin, although the skin’s sebaceous glands are exuberant and more inclined to produce oil, it is necessary to moisturize skin layers, in order to maintain long-term stability of the skin. When choosing skincare products, a lighter texture is recommended, and it could be adjusted according to different seasons, making sure skin is supple and hydrated.


Myth #2: Which one is the best moisturizing ingredient out of the hundred different kinds? 

There are many ingredients on the market, such as hyaluronic acid, ceramide, and provitamin B5 are known for their moisturizing power. Hyaluronic acid is found in the human body, so it is highly compatible with skin composition and can be easily and effectively absorbed. It has strong water-holding power, as one molecule can hold up to 500-1000 times its own weight in water, comparing it with collagen, another moisturizing ingredient, its water-holding capacity is 16 times higher. The composition is simple but delivers excellent moisturizing power, and it is also ideal for the delicate post-procedure skin. It can not only provides normal skin hydration but also reduces the frequency of breakout from problematic skin. Many patients improved their skin condition drastically after using hyaluronic acid. It is recognized as the best moisturizing ingredient in skincare industry and no other ingredients can take its crown! Ceramide is used to strengthen the skin's barrier, and effectively repair dry desquamation of skin and lock in moisture. Provitamin B5 provides hydration, also calms and soothes sensitive, reddened skin.


Myth #3: Is it better to have multiple kinds of hyaluronic acid? Is it the more the merrier?

Hyaluronic acid has large, medium and small molecule sizes. The large molecule mainly acts on the superficial stratum corneum to help the skin locking moisture. Molecular weight of medium molecular hyaluronic acid is between large and small molecule, mainly for crossing the skin barrier but not hydrating the bottom layer of skin. Small molecule can penetrate into the intercellular gap to achieve deep hydration. Therefore, it’s not about adding multiple kinds or more hyaluronic acid, instead, it is about adding the right hyaluronic acid according to its function to achieve the best moisturizing result.

Myth #4: Does moisturizing stock solution work best? The higher concentration the better?

There were some stock solution products featuring different effects on the market a while ago. In the case of hyaluronic acid stock solution, although these kinds of products promote that with single formula, it can achieve the best result, but its hydrating power is limited. So, when choosing skincare products, it’s better to adjust the formula based on overall needs and evaluate product effectiveness.

In addition, many products in the market claim that its concentration of hyaluronic acid is 6%-8%. Because hyaluronic acid belongs to the group of polysaccharides, with concentration of 0.025~0.05% is sufficient. At concentration higher than 0.1%, the texture become really thick and it’s not an enjoyable texture for application. So, it’s not better with higher concentration. It is recommended to learn that if the source, purity, and the overall formula that the manufacturer claims are effective for the skin and test the product in order to make every penny you spend count!

The powerful moisturizing ingredient- hyaluronic acid, it only works when making the right choice

To summarize what’s mentioned above, for dry, sensitive, and even atopic skin, hyaluronic acid can provide perfect soothing effect. Besides moisturizing and hydrating, it can normalize metabolism of keratin and make skin smooth and bright. DR.WU launched the first exclusive patented "HYALUCOMPLEX Hydrating System” in skincare industry. It contains NASHA-grade large molecular hyaluronic acid from Japan's top Hyaluronic Acid manufacturer. It is produced by microbial fermentation and creates an invisible water-locking film coating on the skin surface to achieve strong hydration result. The Japanese patented small molecule hyaluronic acid applies a patented hydrolysis technology that enhances the stability of the ingredients and has high permeability to repair dry skin by injecting a lot of moisturizing essence. German patented hyaluronic acid stimulating factor provides deep hydration and stimulates water retention mechanism of the skin, maintaining moisture for a long period of time, making the skin plump and energized. The patented ingredient of the French Bioactive Ingredient Research Center - the French patented hyaluronic acid activator, revives the key moisturizing molecules involved in skin moisture, activates deep moisture production and provides long-lasting hydration. Tackling from the source, lock in, replenish, preserve, and generate moisture to keep your skin hydrated all day long!